Trade Compliance Specialist

Location: Salem, VA
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $45,000.00 - $60,000.00
Degree: Bachelor;
Date: 6/19/2017
Job ID: 02494053
Job Description

The Trade Compliance Specialist will be the company's contact for import/export support in the implementation of the International Trade Compliance Program. The Trade Compliance Specialist is the liaison between the central team and the company to ensure that all international trade compliance responsibilities are monitored and managed. This persons responsibilities will include: the management of participation and certifications related to special tariff programs; the development of work instructions necessary to meet International Trade Compliance Program policies related to international trade; the implementation and oversight of a record keeping process to ensure all records required for import/export activities are retained and available in accordance with the Groups policy; the generation of documentation necessary for export activities; enabling compliance at the individual company level by providing any necessary support and assistance which may be required; country of origin certification activities; and any necessary activities to be undertaken in sustaining a firm knowledge of the company's business partners, relative to import/export requirements to conduct business


Assist in the implementation of the International Trade Compliance Program at the company level;

Implement, assist with, and manage the record keeping process and activities;

Collaborate and coordinate with the  International Trade Compliance team in effecting compliance throughout all levels of the company;

Provide assistance related to import/export awareness, practices, policies, work instructions, and activities as necessary;

Manage and facilitate all participation in and activities related to special tariff programs which may be applicable to the company's business;

Implement business partner screenings and other activities necessary to establish a firm knowledge of the viability of all business partners in accordance embargoes, trade sanctions, and other such edicts;

Collaborate in the development and implementation of work instructions to facilitate import/export compliance at all levels within the company;

Manage, maintain, and generate all country of origin certifications made by, or required of, the company;

Identify import/export risks, and participate in the investigation and preparation activities related to disclosures, rulings, and commodity jurisdictions;

Ensure that the proper documentation is generated and accompanies all export transactions conduct;

Actively engage in the facilitation of all elements of the International Trade Compliance Program to ensure that the most effective and efficient means of achieving compliance are in place at the company; and

Perform other related duties, projects, support, or assistance as required to accomplish the objectives of the position and overall compliance.



Bachelors degree, or equivalent professional experience in international trade compliance, legal, or other similar regulatory function.

Ability to analyze complex business situations.

Demonstrated ability to read, comprehend, interpret and follow complicated written and verbal instructions, interpret regulations, and the ability to communicate both orally and in writing at a professional level.

Effective organizational, analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Strong communication skills – both written and oral.

Ability to prioritize multiple assigned tasks and execute parallel tasks in a high-pressure environment.

Perform duties with minimum supervision, and participate in cross-functional projects as scheduled.

Experience in implementing, managing, and administering import/export compliance programs, or various elements thereof, preferred.