Location: Paris, TX
Job Type: Direct Hire
Hourly: $35.65 - $45.45
Degree: Bachelor of Science;
Date: 4/20/2017
Job ID: 02474780
Job Description
Job Summary:  
Directs financial activities of the organization. Establishes, or recommends to management, major economic objectives and policies for company. Prepares reports which summarize and forecast company business activity and financial position in areas of income, expenses and earnings based on past, present and expected operations. Directs preparation of budgets. Directs determination of depreciation rates to apply to capital assets. Advises management on desirable operational adjustments due to tax code revisions. Arranges for audits of company’s accounts.  Performs other duties as assigned.

Regulatory Requirements:
Accounting Degree required.
Highly developed organizational skills.
Recent experience in the hospital field.

Salary Structure: Min - $35.65, Mid - $45.45, we typically don't hire more than 4% over midpoint
Bonus eligible up to $5,000
Relocation paid